Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is a hi-flow catalytic converter? Why buy one?
All stock catalytic converters are restrictive when it comes to exhaust flow, and they essentially place a choke hold on performance. The hi-flow catalytic converters on the market today have a higher flow capacity than factory units. Still able to pass emissions and gain horsepower, how can you go wrong with a hi-flow catalytic converter?

How do you install a hi-flow catalytic converter?
There are two kinds of catalytic converters. The first are direct fit converters (no welding required) which have all necessary flanges and oxygen sensors just like the original equipment catalytic converters. There are also universal fit catalytic converters that are designed to be welded or clamped in place. Universal fit converters have the same flow characteristics as direct fit models with the same inlet and outlet diameter.

Which brand is dependable for hi-flow catalytic converters?
Magnaflow has a good variety hi-flow catalytic converters.