Jumat, 12 September 2008


What does a header do? Why buy a header?
An exhaust header is a performance product that replaces your factory exhaust manifold and improves an engineĆ¢€™s performance by allowing air to flow more freely. The easier an engine breathes the more power it produces. Headers generally use piping with a wider diameter than factory tubing, which allows more air to pass through the exhaust system than factory. A header is one of the easiest bolt-on modifications you can make to increase horsepower, making an effective use of money if your goal is to quickly gain horsepower.

How much does the material used to make the header matter?
There are two main materials that headers are manufactured out of: ceramic and stainless steel. Ceramic headers are less expensive, but are prone to cracking if they get to extremely hot. Stainless steel headers are more expensive but are more durable and generally more stylish. Stainless steel headers can take any kind of heat you throw at it and not prone to cracking. If you currently use or plan to use nitrous, we highly recommend the use of a stainless steel header system over Ceramic coated mild steel header system as stainless steel is more resilient to extreme temperatures.

What are the different tubing options for headers and what is the difference between them?
There are two major designs for headers: the 4-2-1 design and the 4-1 design. In many cases 4-1 headers are designed for racing applications where the vehicle is being driven at or near redline. The 4-1 design maximizes top end power, whereas the 4-2-1 evenly distributes it throughout the power band. There are cases where a 4-1 header works better than a 4-2-1 and creates more power in the mid or higher RPM ranges, but a 4-2-1 header will undoubtedly boost the horsepower of your car.

For which vehicles is it necessary to buy a pair of headers? Do headers automatically come in pairs for these vehicles?
When purchasing exhaust headers for a V-6 or V-8 engine, the header package is complete with two headers. If your vehicle is a V-4 there only a single header that is used.

How do you install a header?
A header is a direct bolt-on. Simply remove the factory OEM header is removed and the aftermarket header is put in its place. The header is attached the head of your vehicle. Remove all the bolts that hold the flanges in place and detach the factory header. The down pipe or exhaust pipe should be removed as well and then reattached once the header flanges are bolted back onto the head.

Which brand is dependable for headers?
A leading manufacturer is DC Sports with their performance tuned and engine matched headers. Pacesetter is a great brand for headers as well due to their fantastic selection.