Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is a head gasket? Why buy a head gasket?
The head gasket is located in between your head and your bottom block to help prevent compression leaks and coolant leaks. When your vehicle overheats, thereĆ¢€™s a chance the head gasket is blown, or if youĆ¢€™re running a high horsepower vehicle or one with a lot of boost, it can warp and blow. Aftermarket head gaskets are made out of copper or metal and protect against high horsepower levels and huge boost levels.

How do you install a head gasket?
Head gaskets should be left to the pros since the engine must be removed along with the head, and since machine work must be performed on the block.

Which brand is dependable for head gaskets?
GReddy, HKS, Apexi all have excellent metal head gaskets that can withstand the punishment you throw at it.