Jumat, 12 September 2008


What do fuel rails do? Why buy fuel rails?
Fuel rails are designed to keep pressurized fuel flowing to the injectors. When high performance motors are built and the fuel pressure is increased, sometimes the standard bore on the fuel rail is too small, restricting fuel flow to the injectors and causing your car to lean out.

Are fuel rails sold individually?
Fuel rails are sold individually unless otherwise noted.

How do you install fuel rails?
Fuel rails are installed by removing the injectors and fuel pressure regulator from your factory rail. The factory fuel rail is then removed and the new unit is installed in its place. Specialty tools are needed to remove the fittings on your standard rail and to install new fittings into the new fuel rail. This job should be left to the pros if you’ve never done a fuel rail before.

Which brand is dependable for fuel rails?
AEM has great performance high-volume fuel rails.