Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is an intake manifold? Why buy an intake manifold?
Air is routed through the intake piping, through the throttle body and into the intake manifold. Once the air is inside the intake manifold it̢۪s distributed to each of the cylinders in equal parts. In order to increase the capacity of the intake manifold to carry more air into the motor for combustion, many tuners incorporate a larger chamber where the air collects into the manifold. An aftermarket intake manifold will therefore improve the performance of your car.

How do you install an intake manifold?
Removal of your factory intake manifold is done by unclipping the injectors and other parts that attach the intake manifold to the block. Once removed, bolts that attach the actual intake manifold must be removed and the whole unit replaced with your new unit. All existing parts on the old intake manifold must be swapped back onto the new manifold.

Which brand is dependable for intake manifolds?
GReddy and Venom both carry larger plenum intake manifolds for high performance cars. Manufactured out of aluminum usually, weight is cut down relative to the stock manifold, and air flow greatly increased.