Jumat, 12 September 2008


What are vertical doors? Why buy vertical doors?
Vertical door kits include hinges that allow your doors to open up in a Lamborghini fashion, vertically. With a vertical door kit, your truck will truly stand out from the crowd. The exquisite characteristic once only seen on world-class super cars is now available for your truck. If you are looking to turn heads and get attention, there is no doubt whatsoever that having vertical doors on your truck will do that.

Are vertical doors the same as lambo doors?
Lambo doors and vertical doors are two names for the exact same thing.

Do lambo doors fit every vehicle?
While there are truck-specific vertical doors that are made to easily bolt on to your truck, there are also universal lambo doors that are made to fit any truck. Professional installation is recommended.

What is included with a lambo door kit?
Lambo doors come with all necessary hardware and hinges allowing you to boltor weld onto your vehicle. Different brands have different mechanisms for opening the door, but all utilize a shock made to uphold the weight of your door.

How do you install vertical doors?
There are two main ways of installing vertical doors: most are bolt-on applications while some vehicles will require welding. Look at the product descriptions for our lambo door listings to see what type of installation procedure is necessary. We suggest a professional shop install vertical doors; it’s not for the first time installer.

Which brand is dependable for lambo doors?
Glide provides affordable, universal vertical doors that you can bolt on or weld on. They are made in the USA using high-grade materials and are nickel-plated. They’re universal, so no matter which truck or SUV your drive, Glide vertical doors will work for you.