Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy a steel hood?
There are a great variety of steel hoods available that will allow you to do almost anything you want stylistically with your car. With the steel hoods we offer, you can choose to give your car a bulky look, or a sleek custom look, or any other look in between. Steel hoods use factory hardware and usually meet OEM criteria for fit and finish as a result of high-quality QS-9000 stamping at a CAPA certified facility with USA-made tooling. As opposed to fiberglass or carbon hoods, steel hoods do not need hood pins and will stay on the car at any speed.

How do you install a steel hood?
Steel hoods are attached the same way your OEM hood is. There are four bolts that hold the factory hood together on hinges, and once those are removed the new hood is installed using the same four bolts.

Are steel hoods paintable?
Steel hoods are definitely paintable.

Which brand is dependable for steel hoods?
Reflexxion is an industry leader when it comes to steel hood manufacturers.