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What is a turbo kit? Why buy a turbo kit?
Think of a turbocharger as a fan that is blowing compressed air into your engine. The more air you give your engine, the more power your engine can give you. The extra air adds oxygen so you can burn more fuel. Turbochargers are powered by the exhaust gases generated by your engine after combustion. The time the turbo takes to spool up is seen by the driver as lag, or delay time. The driver may mash the throttle, but the engine won’t produce power until the turbocharger is up to speed. The reason a turbo kit is such a great purchase is that it takes a tremendous amount of money and time to successfully increase the power of a naturally aspirated engine. Expensive head packages, along with expensive bottom block parts, will surely put a dent in your wallet while only making meager horsepower gains. With a bolt-on turbocharger kit you can obtain instant, very dramatic horsepower gains with less time and money while still having the potential for upgrading. The whistle of a blow off valve, the roar from an external wastegate, and the burst of power that makes your engine feel like it doubled in size, how could you resist?

Can any vehicle have a turbo kit installed in it?
There are several companies that make vehicle-specific turbo kits where everything is included in the kit for installation on that specific vehicle. These are by far the most popular turbo kits. That being said, any car can have a turbo setup customized for it. If there are no turbo kits made specifically for your car, you can take the following steps to put a turbo kit in your car:

1. You'll need a bare turbocharger, normally sold by most turbo manufacturers.
2. You'll need a turbo manifold (exhaust manifold) for your turbocharger to sit on. A custom one will need to be built since there is not one available.
3. You'll need a turbo downpipe to let the exhaust gases out. Most exhaust manufacturers have a variety of piping available.
4. You'll need an intercooler and piping. Universal ones are available.
5. You'll need some form of fuel management (which is probably the hardest part) unless you plan on going the full standalone route.
6. You'll need a better fuel system that utilizes larger injectors and an aftermarket fuel pump.

With this very basic setup you can run boost. How much boost depends on your motor but chances are you should go past 4-5psi. Again, it will of course take a lot of custom work to put it together. But thas what car customizing is all about!

What do turbo kits come with?
Complete turbo kits normally include the manifold, turbocharger, intake, down pipe, fuel management unit and all lines and hoses needed. You need to purchase intercoolers, piping, blow-off valves separately in most cases, unless otherwise noted in our product descriptions..

Is there a pre-condition my vehicle needs to meet in order to be able to handle a turbo kit?
Any vehicle can be turbocharged but you must consider whether all of the engine, driveline, and chassis parts can handle big power increases. Most aftermarket turbocharger kits for naturally aspirated cars recommend running no more than 6-8 psi to prevent engine damage.

How do you install a turbo kit?
Turbochargers should be installed by professionals if you have no experience with turbo installations. If youve done the basic bolt-on performance modifications to your car (intake, header, exhaust) and know your way around your engine, then you might be capable of doing the install yourself. Normal installation depending on the vehicle takes around 20-25 hours in most cases, but depends on whether custom work needs to be done. The turbo manifold that comes with the kit replaces the factory exhaust manifold. The turbo doesn't replace anything assuming this is a turbo kit and not a turbo upgrade kit. The turbo is mounted to a flange on the turbo manifold. Remember the turbo is spooled by the exhaust gases, so once the gases pass through the turbo manifold, it spools the turbo.Â

Which brand is dependable for turbo kits?
All GReddy turbo kits are world-renowned for this excellent quality.