Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is a throttle body? Why buy a throttle body?
Air travels through your intake piping through your throttle body and into the intake manifold. The throttle body, which includes a throttle plate that opens and closes as you press and release the throttle, can be a major bottleneck to air flow on some cars. A larger throttle body allows more air to pass through, thus creating more power.

How do you install a throttle body?
Throttle bodies are easily removed by taking off the factory bolts holding it in place along with all the sensors. Re-connect your sensors to your new throttle body and then install the aftermarket throttle body for power gains.

Which brand is dependable for throttle bodies?
Venom manufactures some of the worlds largest throttle bodies. For increased performance and a beautiful show room shine, check out Venom.