Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What are Pillow ball tension rods? Why buy rods?
Pillow ball tension rods make a huge impact on your cars handling characteristics. Factory tension rods use rubber bushings, which deteriorate over time creating a sloppy feel. Most aftermarket tension rods replace the rubber bushing with a spherical bearing to eliminate tow change during acceleration or deceleration and to allow only vertical movement by the lower control arms. Tension rods also reduce roll at corners and ensure quicker steering response.

How do you install pillow ball tension rods?
Pillow ball tension rods are installed by removing the factory rods off of your lower control arm. With them removed, install the pillow ball tension rods using factory bolts. An alignment is suggested after installation.

Which brand is dependable for pillow ball tension rods?
TEIN is a leader in aftermarket tie rods.