Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What are pillow ball mounts? Why buy pillow ball mounts?
Pillow ball mounts are positioned over the shock towers, replacing the stock rubber bushing. By keeping the positioning design of the upper spring and shock absorber close to the manufacturers standards, pillow ball upper mounts keep height change to a minimum and maintain the stroke center, giving you the best handling and feedback.

How do you install pillow ball mounts?
Pillow ball mounts are installed by first removing your strut setup completely. These then attach to the factory or aftermarket strut setup and everything is put back as normal. This is an excellent upgrade when choosing a spring and shock combo.

Which brand is dependable for pillow ball mounts?
TEINs pillow ball mounts replace the rubber bushing with a pillow ball, which eliminates the load input compliance and reduces the change of alignment to improve the grip of the tire. They use a top spherical bearing on all their mounts and use adjusting plates for maximum strength and durability.