Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What do camber kits do? Why buy camber kits?
Any amount of ride height change will cause the camber of your tires to change. This means that instead of the tires being perfectly perpendicular to the grant, they will be slight slanted, inward in the case of negative camber, outward in the case of positive camber. It might not always be visible, but having your camber out of adjustment will cause the tire to run on the inside or outside edge only since the tires will be slanted relative to the ground. The lower you go the more negative camber you will get and the faster the tire will wear. There are different camber kits available to combat this problem; the correct kit is determined by how much your camber is away from the factory recommended specification.

Do camber kits come in sets of 4?
No, unless otherwise noted, camber kits are sold in sets of 2, so you buy one set for the front and/or one set for the rear.

How do you install camber kits?
Depending on the car you, camber kits are comprised differently. Contact us for installation details, or simply have it installed by professionals.

Which brand is dependable for camber kits?
Eibach and SPC offer quality camber kits for most cars.