Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What do bushings do? Why buy bushings?
Cars have rubber bushings and mounts throughout the suspension system to provide vibration dampening and movement to the metal suspension components, such as the struts, control arms, sway bars and even engine and transmission mounts. Over time, factory rubber suspension and engine mount bushings can dry, crack and rot away. Stiffer, longer-wearing and more responsive suspension bushings are available to help make your carĂ¢€™s suspension perform at its best.

How do you install bushings?
Most bushings need to be pressed out with a hydraulic press, burned out, or cut and chiseled away. We suggest leaving the job to the pros or give yourself a weekend to change the bushings out if you have access to a press.

Which brand is dependable for bushings?
Energy Suspension and Prothane both make quality polyurethane bushings sets