Jumat, 12 September 2008


What do brake lines do? Why buy brake lines?
Brake lines connect the master cylinder to the calipers. The brake lines contain brake fluid so the fluid can push against the caliper every time you press on the brakes, thereby stopping you. Old rubber brake lines expand under pressure, so that instead of the brake fluid pushing the caliper, the fluid stretches the brake line and reduces the maximum performance of the brakes by making your pedal feel spongy. New brake lines combat this problem giving you maximum braking performance and a nice tight pedal feel.

How do you install brake lines?
Brake lines are installed by removing your factory rubber line fittings. Once the factory rubber brake line is removed, replace it with your high quality stainless ones. Brake fluid will need to be replaced and the system will need to be bled.

Do brake lines come in sets of 4?
Brake lines are sold in sets of two usually and are assumed to be for the front, unless otherwise noted. Please check the product description to for more details.

Which brand is dependable for brake lines?
Earls is the industry leader in stainless steel brake lines. All Earls lines are fully D.O.T. approved and are direct replacement to the OEM rubber hoses, with no modifications needed to install.