Jumat, 12 September 2008


What does a brake kit do? Why buy a brake kit?
Aftermarket brake kits (often referred to as big brake kits) upgrade the factory front brakes by offering better stopping performance and better looks. Rear brake kits are also available but usually sold separate from the front. Aftermarket brake kits are a great way to improve your braking system and remove a good amount of un-sprung weight from your vehicle. If you have a high horsepower vehicle, you better be able to stop it in time! Oftentimes just getting new pads won̢۪t do the trick, but a big brake kit will.

What all do brake kits come with?
Aftermarket brake kits usually include rotors with larger diameters, stainless braided DOT approved front brake lines, a set of new performance brake pads, and front brake calipers and brackets.

How do you install a brake kit?
Complete removal of your factory brake setup is required, and the new kit is installed in its place. Factory rubber brake lines will need to be removed as well and replaced with the stainless braided lines.

Which brand is dependable for brake kits?
Baer sells excellent big brake kits for car. They include high quality parts and beautifully crafted calipers. All hardware and detailed instructions are included.