Kamis, 05 Juni 2008

Toyota Wish

By wilfred

This car is very popular for its fuel consumption (FC) of 14.4km/l. It is because of this reason that i recommand my mum to switch to this car from the mazda 3 which i drove previously. When i am driving my Mazda 3, the FC is nearly 10km/l and the worse FC i ever had is from 8 to the best FC of 11.3km/l. However, now for this wish, the first tank gives 10.5km/l and if i add on with the subsequence FC, which are much better, the average FC is about 12km/l which is only slightly more fuel saving. But if you take into account of the fact that wish is a 1800cc while mazda 3 is only a 1600cc, then it is considered as a plus plus PLUS factor for wish.

Apart from the good FC it provides, it is also comparatively cheaper (Wish $73K) than other cars in its class, like Honda stream ($80K), Opel Zafira ($86K), Peugeot 307SW($86K), Nissan Lafesta($79K), Mazda 5 ($74*) and toyota pinic ($86K)
*Price on mazda cars are priced after cash rebate so must add about $6K for mazda 5.

But of course, the attractive factors of wish is not only its price and FC, the exterior design is also very nice and it will looks even nicer if you go for a makeover which consist of full body kits($800), foglamps($250) and 17" rims ($1200). However, for the interior, the dashboard is still quite nice but the furnishing for the doors give me a 'cheap' feeling because the furnishing for mazda 3 is just too nice to compare with.

Some good features are the seat alarm for passenger as my mum always forgot to fasten seat belt, 3rd row seat are accessible via both side of the rear door, flat and huge boot space when the 3rd row seats are folded down. However, there are also some negative points which are that the rear windows are unable to be winded down fully and when the gear is at the park mode, the hazard lights switch is abit difficult to reach.

Overall, this car is still quite value for money as it is big able to carry alot of people and at a reasonable price. :)