Kamis, 05 Juni 2008

Toyota Estima Hybrid

By admin

The hybrid(gas-and-electric) car is set to the third generation model from January, '06 though Estima set a minivan hybrid car that becomes the first in the world to the second generation model. THS II that is the latest hybrid system adopted for present Prius is installed, and the best tune is done and installed in the minivan.
The installed engine is inline4, 2.4L. The output of the front and rear motor is added to 150ps(110kW) of the engine and the system output of considerable 190kW(140kW) is achieved. And 10.15 mode fuel cost achieves 20km/L at the same time. Super-low fuel cost at the compact car level of 1t class has been achieved though it is a weight body of 2t class.
It insists that it be a hybrid car though the design around the front grille is changed though it is the one of present Estima basic the externals design, rear combination ramp is made a blue, clear lens, and it refrains from a special wheel by installing it. As for the interior, a central meter is also the difference of the display system and becomes the one only for the hybrid. E-Four the mechanism by installing the motor in the rear wheel as well as a past model.
VDIM that was the latest vehicle stabilizer was adopted and high control stability was achieved. The improvement of the control on low mu road are included, and the height of stability that makes the best use of the advantage of the hybrid car to its maximum. The point to have secured spaciousness at gasoline (4WD) car level by the miniaturization of the battery cannot be overlooked.