Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What are sway bars? Why buy a sway bar?
Sway bars give your car additional stability. A sway bar is a metal bar that spans the whole entire axle and joins each side of your suspension together. Aftermarket sway bars they are usually thicker than factory ones, which means they will create a more level ride, reducing body roll and under steer. With a new sway bar, you can accelerate into turns instead of braking through them.

Is an anti-sway bar the same as a sway bar?
Anti-sway bar and sway bar are two terms that mean exactly the same thing.

Are sway bars available for the front and rear of each vehicle?
One sway bar is used to tie the front suspension together, and one is used to tie the rear suspension together, so for maximum suspension upgrade, you could buy a front and rear sway bar. When available, they are often sold in complete sets that include the front and the rear.

How do you install a sway bar?
Sway bars are installed by removing your factory end links and sway bar. Re-install the new bushings and position your new sway bar on the vehicle in the OEM location and secure it with the same bolts.

Which brand is dependable for sway bars?
Progress and Suspension Techniques have a great variety of sway bars available.