Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What is a strut bar? Why buy a strut bar?
Strut bars are used to reduce the amount of flex in the factory strut towers. Under hard cornering loads, the strut assembly is pulled laterally at the strut top. A strut bar/brace ties together the strut towers and, braces them against flex and movement. So in other words, if you want to be able to accelerate through some turns instead of being forced to brake, a strut bar can help you do that since strut bars help reduce body roll during turns.

Are strut bars available for the front and rear of each vehicle?
Strut bars are offered for the front and rear tower braces on vehicles, since your car has struts inside each tire. Buying front and rear strut tower bars will dramatically improve your suspension.

How do you install a strut bar?
Strut bars take mere minutes to install with normal hand tools. First remove your factory strut tower bolts and brace, and then simply re-install them with the new strut bar.

Which brand is dependable for strut bars?
Cusco, Tanabe, DC Sports are all great manufacturers of strut bars. Toucan is a company that offers a very affordable strut bar for a wide variety of cars.