Jumat, 12 September 2008


What are spark plug wires? Why purchase spark plug wires?
Factory spark plug wires deliver voltage to your spark plugs. Sport spark plug wires deliver a hotter, more powerful, and longer spark to the spark plugs, resulting in more power while reducing the chance for misfires and eliminating radio static.

Are spark plug wires the same thing as ignition wires?
Ignition wires are another term used for spark plug wires. They are two terms that mean exactly the same thing.

Are ignition wires available for every vehicle?
Spark plug wires are available for most vehicles. They are not universal.

How do you install spark plug wires?
Spark plug wires take seconds to install. After removing your factory spark plug wires from the valve cover and distributor, you simply replace them with your new ones. 4-cyl motors have 4 spark plug wires; 6-cyl motors have 6 spark plug wires, and so on.

Which brand is dependable for spark plug wires?
Nology is a dependable brand for spark plug wires.