Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is a short ram intake? Why buy a short ram intake?
Short ram intakes bring more air into your cars engine, which creates more power during combustion. Short ram intakes will help with throttle response and gives your car more power, while at the same time adding a pleasing induction sound to your engine under acceleration. A short ram intake also significantly cleans up your under-hood appearance and makes it easier to see and access components of your engine bay.

Whats the difference between a short ram intake and a cold air intake?
Cold air intakes are usually placed in the fender well area, which brings in a cooler charged air from beneath the car (outside of the engine bay), which is denser and therefore creates more power. The piping is a lot longer than a short ram which means the power gains are not seen until the mid to higher RPM band. A short ram intake is located inside the engine bay and creates power with better response times than a cold air, however the air is not as dense, which means that it doesnt make as much power in the upper RPM region and makes less power overall.

How do you install a short ram intake?
Short ram intakes are a true bolt-on application. The removal of your factory air box and resonator will be needed and the short air intake installed in its place. Basic hand tools are needed, and the intake installs in minutes.

Which brand is dependable for short ram intakes?
AEM has some of the most dependable short ram intakes on the market today.