Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy a shift knob?
Aftermarket shift knobs are a great way to spruce up the interior of your vehicle. With hundreds of different styles, you are sure to find the right shift knob for you.

Do shift knobs fit every vehicle?
Shift knobs are universal, which means they fit most cars and trucks. Universal shift knobs use a universal set-screw attachment and include a finishing ring. The key thing to look out for is that there is a difference between automatic and manual shift knobs. Some shift knobs are car specific and will thread onto your factory shift lever. One caveat is for cars that are an automatic and have a button on the shift knob for those, you have to buy a replacement shift knob that also has a button in order to maintain the functionality of the knob.

How do you install a shift knob?
Universal shift knobs use allen screws to attach to your factory shift lever. Car specific shift knobs will thread onto your factory shift lever.

Which brand is dependable for shift knobs?
MOMO genuine hand-sewn leather, wood, carbon-fiber, and aluminum shift knobs form-fit your grip and add that finishing touch to your interior and matching your Momo steering wheel. Fits all shift levers with universal set-screw attachment and finishing ring.