Jumat, 12 September 2008


What are scoops? Why buy a scoop?
Scoops are styling components that are used to attach to the factory hood or body panels of the car. They add a custom race look to your car that sets your car apart from the crowd. The great thing about scoops is that they fit on any car! Scoops offer an alternative to buying an entire aftermarket hood with vents and are usually less expensive. Plenty of custom scoop styles are available.

What different types of scoops are there?
Scoops come in hundreds of different styles with different materials. Carbon fiber, fiberglass, plastic, and steel scoops are all available. You can get ram air scoops, cowl scoops, and almost anything in between.

How do you install a scoop?
Installation of a scoop depends on your preference -- you can mold it in to the applicable body panel of your car to make it look like it's"built into" that panel, or you can simply adhere it without doing any body work for a quick and easy installation. Hoods and rear quarter panels are popular choices for panels to use for installation of scoops.

Which brand is dependable for scoops?
Erebuni and Extreme Dimensions have a wide array of scoops available.