Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is a radiator? Why buy a radiator?
A radiator is a device that cools the entire engine by using a water and antifreeze mixture. The mixture flows through your cooling system, passing through the radiator and back where it is cooled again by convection with the air. Aftermarket performance radiators offer 30% more cooling than standard radiators in many cases, and are great for high performance motors.

How do you install a radiator?
Radiators are manufactured specifically per vehicle application to ensure the best in fitment, just like your original radiator. Remove your factory unit and install the aftermarket radiator in its place.

Which brand is dependable for radiators?
Koyo radiators are some of our favorite units. Manufactured in Japan, these radiators are aircraft quality aluminum and are heli-arc welded for the strongest in enforcement.