Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy racing seats?
Racing seats weigh substantially less than factory seats, thereby improving performance of your vehicle. In addition, they increase support and can generally withstand more impact than factory seats. Beyond that, racing seats look a whole lot better than factory seats!

Do racing seats come in pairs?
Unless specifically notated otherwise in our product listings, racing seats are sold individually.

Do racing seats fit in any vehicle?
Racing seats are universal for all vehicles; however, each seat will need to latch to a seat rail, which is car specific. Make sure there is a rail available for your vehicle, or otherwise you can customize your stock one to fit an aftermarket seat.

Do you need any extra accessories to install racing seats, such as brackets or sliders?
A required part to install a racing seat is a seat rail or side mount bracket. Depending if your seat is rail mounted or mounted using side brackets, this will need to be purchased along with the seat. Seat sliders can be purchased as well to adjust the seat separately. If there are no rails or brackets for your vehicle, Sparco sells a universal seat rail that can be used.

How do you install racing seats?
There are two types of seats. The first is a side mount, which uses brackets that are installed to the floor and to the side of the seat. The second type is one that sits on top of rails and bolt in from the bottom. After purchasing needed parts, simply unbolt your factory rails and install the new ones.

Which brand is dependable for racing seats?
Sparco race seats are world class, and Matrix race seats give your car a great custom look for an affordable price.