Jumat, 12 September 2008


What are pistons? Why buy pistons?
Pistons are part of your block assembly that are connected to the rods, and they compress the fuel/air mixture creating an explosion that drives the piston back down to start over again with a new charge of air and gas.

Do pistons come in sets of 4?
Pistons are sold in sets or individually, depending on your vehicles motor. They are car specific and all pistons should be replaced at the same time during a rebuild.

How do you install pistons?
Pistons should be left to the pros because removal of your engine will be needed. The head will be taken off from the bottom block and internals will be replaced. Machine work will be done with specific tolerances achieved.

Which brand is dependable for pistons?
Greddy is a quality manufacturer is every respect, and their pistons can be counted on for quality.