Jumat, 12 September 2008


What is a nitrous oxide kit? Why buy a nitrous oxide kit?
Nitrous oxide is a form of forced induction available to you without having to go the supercharger/turbocharger route. Nitrous oxide is the most cost-effective way to add instant horsepower without compromising your engine. Nitrous kits are completely tunable, and can double the horsepower with a simple push of a button. Injecting Nitrous Oxide into your motor means more oxygen is available during combustion and a cooler intake charge is generated, which increases the density of the air creating, more power. Nitrous has been well tested and proven to cause no engine damage if used responsibly.

Do nitrous oxide kits work on any vehicle?
Nitrous oxide kits are available for fuel injected or carbureted gasoline motors and can be made to fit any vehicle.

Whats the difference between a wet nitrous system and a dry nitrous system?
A dry nitrous system is one where fuel is required in conjunction with nitrous, and will be injected through the fuel injectors, which means upper intake is kept dry of fuel. Hence, "dry" setup. Remember that fuel is what makes the power, nitrous is just there to help burn more if it. A wet nitrous system is one in which both fuel and nitrous are injected at the same time, normally about 3"-6" ahead of the throttle body. This system will make the upper intake manifold wet with fuel. Hence, the "wet" setup. So to recap, for the dry system nitrous oxide only is sprayed into the air intake and the wet setup is where nitrous oxide and fuel is sprayed into the air intake through one nozzle. These days, most nitrous system manufacturers make wet systems, as they are thought to more efficiently distribute air and fuel. That being said, dry nitrous systems will definitely give you a lot of bang for your buck, and are still a fantastic choice.
How do you install a nitrous oxide kit?
The nitrous bottle can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, and people often opt for behind the driver/passenger seats or in the bed of your car. The bottle connects to the rest of the kit by a stainless line that runs from the bottle to the inside of the engine bay. It connects to the nitrous solenoid or computer box, depending on which nitrous kit you get. Some kits utilize fuel and nitrous solenoids that are engaged with the push of a button, while others are used during wide open throttle and utilize an electronic management unit that puts the solenoids, switch and nitrous manifold all in one box to handle all the air/fuel ratio differences. Nitrous oxide kits can be installed in an afternoon, without custom fabrication, using typical hand tools. That being said, we recommend professional installation.

Which brand is dependable for nitrous oxide kits?
NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) has over twenty years experience with building nitrous systems for racing and street applications.