Jumat, 12 September 2008


What exactly are graphics? Why buy graphics?
Graphics are stickers that can be added to your vehicle to enhance its appearance. They provide a great alternative to getting an expensive paint job, and they are sure to attract attention to your truck!

Do graphics fit every vehicle, or are they vehicle-specific?
Graphics are universal and fit every vehicle. Some may need to be trimmed or cut for a perfect fit.

How do you install graphics?
Installing graphics should be left to shops that specialize in graphics. Window tint installation shops can be an excellent resource for having graphics applied; they’re already good at eliminating little air bubbles that get trapped under stickers and they know how to apply them as well. If you plan on doing it yourself make sure you have a squeegee and a spray bottle filled with a soapy water solution. Patience and time is needed, while you spray a lot of soapy water on the vinyl so that you can position it easily. After you’re done, let it dry.

Which brand is dependable for graphics?
Modern Images is a well known for their great variety of graphics.