Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy gauges?
Gauges can give you the warm feeling of knowing that your engine is healthy and warn you when it isnt. The main gauges that help you monitor the health of any high-performance engine would be the basic gauges, such oil pressure, oil temperature and coolant temperature. Aside from that, they give your car that custom race look.

What are the different types of gauges available?
There are dozens of gauges available which monitor all types of engine performance. Some common ones are air/fuel ratio, oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure and nitrous pressure gauges. Several more are available, so check our product pages to get more details.

Do gauges work on any vehicle?
Gauges are universal and can be mounted virtually anywhere in any vehicle. Gauge pods are usually used to house these aftermarket gauges within your vehicle.

How do you install gauges?
Some gauges are electrical while some are mechanical. Electrical gauges use sensors that have to be installed, while mechanical gauges rely on hoses for feedback. All gauges must be wired up for lighting within your vehicle.

Which brand is dependable for gauges?
Autometer has the most styles and colors, not to mention the most complete array of gauges needed to make sure your engine is running at its prime.