Jumat, 12 September 2008


What does a fuel pump do? Why buy a fuel pump?
An electric fuel pump is a diaphragm unit that activates once your key turns in the ignition. It primes the pump and allows for a quick start. When you are adding larger turbos, running higher boost or nitrous oxide, most race applications require a high-flow fuel pump.

How do you install a fuel pump?
Most modern electric fuel pumps are found inside the gas tank. This should be left to the pros since there is a chance of accidental spark and explosion. Usually in the back trunk of the vehicle there is a fuel pump cover. This will need to be removed and the pump lifted out of the gas tank. Once done, the aftermarket pump will be swapped in its place and lowered back into the tank.

Which brand is dependable for fuel pumps?
HKS and Venom make good fuel pumps.