Jumat, 12 September 2008


What are fuel injectors? Why buy fuel injectors?
Fuel injectors are the primary means of getting gasoline into the motor. The injectors are mounted in the intake manifold so that they spray fuel directly at the intake valves. A fuel rail supplies pressurized fuel to all of the injectors. When running nitrous oxide, more boost, or a high revving naturally aspirated motor, larger fuel injectors are needed. Larger injectors are needed so that they can supply the engine with more fuel in order for it not to lean out.

Do fuel injectors come in sets of 4?
Fuel injectors are sold individually, so you have to buy the number of injectors necessary for your car. Four-cylinder cars would use four injectors, and six-cylinders would use six fuel injectors, and so on.

How do you install fuel injectors?
Fuel injectors are installed by unplugging the harness from the fuel rail and popping out the factory injectors. New o-ring seals should be installed at this time to prevent leaking with the new injectors.

Which brand is dependable for fuel injectors?
Venom and GReddy fuel injectors are both proven brand for fuel injectors.