Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy an exhaust pipe? How do exhaust pipes differ from an exhaust system?
Exhaust pipes are used in creating an aftermarket exhaust system. While an exhaust system is already manufactured to fit and function on your vehicle, exhaust pipes are not. Imagine them as cutouts that need to be fit and welded together to function properly. If your vehicle does not have an aftermarket cat-back exhaust system available for it then a custom cat-back exhaust system should be looked into, and exhaust piping will get it made for you.

How do you install exhaust pipes?
Exhaust piping should be purchased and left to the pros for the install. The piping will need to be measured, cut and tapered depending on the size and fit of your vehicleĆ¢€™s exhaust setup. Welding will need to take place afterward to ensure airtight installation.

Which brand is dependable for exhaust pipes?
Magnaflow has plenty of different sizes and bends of pipes available.