Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What does a clutch kit do? Why buy a performance clutch kit?
Clutch kits are used for upgrading the holding power of your factory transmission and clutch setup. If you decide to haul heavy loads or add extra horsepower to your car, you will need a high performance clutch upgrade to handle of the extra stress. You can only make a limited number of horsepower upgrades before you have to upgrade your clutch. A performance clutch gives your car the capacity to handle the increased horsepower and torque.

What all does a clutch kit include?
Most clutch kits include the clutch itself, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing and the clutch alignment tool.

Are clutch kits available for cars? If so, which cars?
Clutch kits are available most light, medium and heavy duty cars on the market. You’ll only need an aftermarket clutch kit if you’re running high horsepower levels or towing heavy loads.

How do you install a clutch kit?
We recommend you get a clutch kit installed by professionals since dropping the transmission is usually necessary in order to install a clutch kit. Once the transmission is off of the block, you remove your stock setup and slip on the new kit using the clutch alignment tool.

Which brand is dependable for clutch kits?
Ram Clutches is a great brand for clutch kits.