Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy a carbon fiber hood?
Carbon fiber hoods give cars a fantastic custom race look that is very popular. Carbon fiber hoods come with a clear gelcoat that allows you to see the clean weave of the carbon fiber and that makes it so you dont have to paint your hood. Additionally, carbon fiber hoods are almost always lighter than factory hoods, so they can help you improve performance. Vented carbon hoods are a great option because they relieve your engine of trapped heat, are lighter weight than factory hoods, and give your car a race car appearance.

Are there different ‘grades’ or qualities of carbon fiber hoods?
Yes. The terms carbon is used loosely. Some companies make the entire hood (skin and skeleton) out of carbon. This is rare since carbon is an expensive material. Some manufacturers make the hood skin out of carbon, and make the skeleton out of fiberglass. Some companies make their hoods out of fiberglass, and paint it to look like carbon fiber, but call them carbon fiber hoods (but of course, they are just a carbon look, not actual carbon fiber). To know what ‘grade’ a carbon hood is made of, look for details in the product description or manufacturer description.

How do you install a carbon fiber hood?
Carbon fiber hoods are usually OEM fit and finish which means un-bolting your factory unit and replacing it with the lightweight unit. Little to no modification is needed to get these to fit properly, and they often come with OEM metal latches for an easy installation. Nevertheless, hood pins are recommended for use with all carbon fiber hoods.

Do you have to buy hood pins if you buy a carbon fiber hood?
Hood pins are not necessary when buying a carbon fiber hood if it comes with an OEM metal latch, but we do recommend them as a safety precaution. If the carbon fiber hood does not come with a latch, hood pins are mandatory to be able to close your hood. We always suggest buying hood pins when purchasing any light-weight hood for peace of mind; you don’t want your hood flying into your windshield while you âre cruising along on the highway!

Which brand is dependable for carbon fiber hoods?
Carbon Creations and Seibon products are at the forefront of carbon fiber technology, using high modulus carbon weaves that are both lightweight and strong. Their carbon products utilize a glossy clear coat that is UV-protective and will help protect from discoloration over time.