Jumat, 12 September 2008


What do camshafts do? Why buy camshafts?
Air travels through your intake manifold into your intake valves and exhaust valves. By upgrading to more aggressive camshafts on both the intake and exhaust side, it will create greater duration and lift. This means the intake and exhaust valves can remain open longer, which allows for more air to move through the cylinder head efficiently. If you’re looking to get more horsepower out of your turbocharged or naturally aspirated motor, aftermarket camshafts are a great option.

Do camshafts come individually?
Camshafts are sold individually unless otherwise noted in the product description. Single overhead cams (SOHC) utilize one camshaft while dual overhead cam (DOHC) motors utilize two.

How do you install camshafts?
Installation should be left to the pros on this one since timing will be involved. If you plan on doing it yourself removal of the upper timing belt cover will need to be done to reveal the cam gears. The valve cover along with the camshafts will need to be removed. Once this is done replace your factory camshafts the aftermarket camshafts and reinstall your cam gears. Make sure when you remove and reinstall the camshafts and cam gears they are at top dead center (TDC). Replace everything as you removed them and re-time your vehicle.

Which brand is dependable for camshafts?
Crower, HKS, GReddy and Skunk2 all make dependable camshafts for popular sport compact cars.