Jumat, 12 September 2008


What does a blow off valve do? Why buy one?
A blow-off valve is mounted in the intake plumbing between the turbocharger compressor and the throttle plate. The blow-off valve is used as a safety measure against the turbocharger over-boosting and damaging the engine (commonly referred to as boost surge). When you're on the throttle your turbo will make a spooling noise, and when you release the gas, the blow off valve will flutter and make a PSHHHH sound that is the classic sound of a turbo.

Are blow off valves made to fit a specific vehicle? Or are they universal?
Blow-off valves are universal for all turbocharged vehicles.

Is there any reason for me to buy a blow off valve if I dont have a turbo kit?
Naturally aspirated cars will not benefit from a blow-off valve, only turbocharged or supercharged vehicles will.

How do you install a blow off valve?
Blow-off valves are bolted to a steel/aluminum flange. The flange must be welded onto your intake piping.

Which brand is dependable for blow off valves?
GReddy, HKS, ApexI and Blitz all have great blow off valves. The HKS SSQV is one of the most popular blow-off valves since theyĆ¢€™re dual chambered.