Jumat, 12 September 2008


What does an automatic transmission cooler do? Why purchase one?
The hotter your transmission oil gets, the more damaging it can be for your transmission. During road racing, drag racing or uphill driving, your transmission is put through a lot of strain. If you put your transmission through this type of strain regularly, it is important to add extra protection for your transmission. For ultimate heat control youre going to need a transmission cooler - its not worth sacrificing your expensive transmission.

How do you install an automatic transmission cooler?
All coolers come with fittings for connections to either steel-braided or high-pressure lines. These lines are routed from your oil filter through the cooler into your engine and vice versa, this gives the oil a chance to cool down before returning back into your engine.

Which brand is dependable for automatic transmission coolers?
GReddy has dependable tube and fin design racing coolers that are specifically intended for racing. They are constructed entirely of aluminum and are powder coated GReddy blue for an aggressive look.