Sabtu, 13 September 2008


What does an arm bar do? Why purchase one?
A lower arm bar is a brace that ties the front and rear lower control arms to the chassis to prevent flex at the lower arms. They are similar to upper strut tower bars in terms of effect. They stiffen the chassis of the vehicle, resulting in less body roll during turns.

What type of vehicles use arm bars?
Every vehicle: FF (Front engine Front wheel drive), FR (Front engine Rear wheel drive), and MR (Mid engine Rear wheel drive) cars can utilize these bars.

How do you install an arm bar?
Like a strut bar these lower arm braces can be installed in minutes with basic hand tools. Most cars do not come equipped with arm bars from the factory, so you are not replacing anything when you install one.

Which brand is dependable for arm bars?
Cusco and Tanabe are industry leaders when it comes to vehicle bracing and other suspension components. Both companies create under frame braces to add rigidity and give you extra stiffness in turns.