Jumat, 12 September 2008


Do aluminum wings offer any performance benefit? Why purchase one?
Aluminum wings are often bought as a cosmetic upgrade designed to enhance the look of your car; however, they also have a very specific role in aerodynamics. Aluminum wings defuse airflow over the top half of the car and at the trailing edge of the wing. The wing can keep airflow from tumbling and creating a swirling vortex behind the car. This is important when dealing with drag and lift.

How do you install an aluminum wing?
Aluminum wings need to be bolted into the rear trunk of your car. This involves drilling holes into your trunk, and then bolting the wing securely to your trunk.

Which brand is dependable for aluminum wings?
APR is a leading brand for aluminum wings, since they rigorously test their wings to ensure maximum performance enhancement. For more affordable options, check out Liteglow√Ę€™s aluminum wings.