Jumat, 12 September 2008


What does an air breather do? Why purchase one?
An air breather replaces the intake vent hose on your crankcase, which vents the spent gases inside your head out into the atmosphere instead of back into your intake track. This keeps your engine clean and in top condition. Aside from that, air breathers also improve the appearance of your engine bay.

What makes an air breather different from an air filter?
An air filter is used to suck in air while an air breather is used to release spent gases.

How do you install an air breather?
Installation of an air breather is a simple process that takes minutes. Simply remove the hose on your crankcase and replace it with this breather. Most breathers come with a clamp already included.

Which brand is dependable for air breathers?
Airaid is a leading manufacturer of air breathers.