Jumat, 12 September 2008


Why buy an aftermarket paintable hood?
Aftermarket paintable hoods are a fantastic way to customize the appearance of your car. There are several different styles available, and they all can change the look of your car instantly. These hoods should be painted to match the color of your car, and are normally lighter than your factory hood and therefore better for performance.

Can aftermarket paintable hoods help your vehicle' s performance at all?
Most aftermarket paintable hoods are manufactured out of a lightweight material, such as fiberglass, which would decrease weight and therefore increase performance and make acceleration and braking quicker..

What are most aftermarket paintable hoods made of?
Aftermarket paintable hoods are usually manufactured out of fiberglass, but are also available in other materials. Check our part descriptions for details.

How do you install an aftermarket paintable hood?
Paintable hoods are usually OEM fit, which means you simply unbolt your factory hood and replacing it with this.

Which brand is dependable for aftermarket paintable hoods?
We at Andy's Auto Sport manufacture high quality paintable fiberglass hoods, and our friends at Extreme Dimensions also have a great selection of affordable custom hoods